BTG Pactual and Exam ‚hug‘ Bitcoin and cryptomoedas and launch exclusive portal to talk about ‚Future of Money

Latin America’s largest investment bank to launch news portal, research and education center focused on Bitcoin, cryptoactives and digital economy

BTG Pactual and Exam ‚hug‘ Bitcoin and cryptomoedas and launch exclusive portal to talk about ‚Future of Money

BTG Pactual, one of the largest investment banks in Latin America, „entered head-on“ into the universe of Crypto Engine and cryptomoedas.

Through Exame magazine, the bank will launch a set of initiatives called „Future of Money“ that intends, among other things, to address issues such as BTC, cryptoactives, Tokens, DeFi, digital payments, CBDCs and so on.

The initiative of BTG will be executed through the magazine Exame, one of the main communication vehicles in Brazil and which was acquired by BTG at the end of 2019, for about R$ 72.5 million.

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Among BTG’s proposals for „Future of Money“ is a market news and analysis portal, a podcast on the subject, an educational arm called Exame Academy and a research and analysis portal entitled „Exame Research“.

For the project, Exame has hired several professionals, among them, Nicholas Sacchi, who will be responsible for the contents and production related to cryptomoedas.

Sacchi, who is an economist, has worked in investment banks, brokerage houses, cryptomoedas exchanges and investment analysis houses.

Some BTG initiatives related to „Future of Money“ have already been launched, the Bank, together with the magazine, announced an event, online and free to mark the beginning of the proposal.

„To launch this new vehicle, our strategy was to organize the largest online event on the future of money in Latin America,“ highlighted Exame.

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Also according to Exame, the event will bring names like Gustavo Franco, Bruno Diniz, Renato Opice Blum, Gavin Littlejohn, Fernando Ribeiro, Paula Paschoal, Thamilla Talarico, Tatiana Revoredo, Frederico Pompeu, Marcelo Sampaio, Fabio L Marras, Marcelo Salhab Brogliato, among others.

„The idea will be, over eight weeks, to address the most diverse topics related to the future of money, such as fintechs, PIX, LGPD, open banking, cryptoactives, blockchain, private currencies, CBDCs and much more,“ concluded the magazine.

Those interested can subscribe via the link.
Tokenization of assets by BTG

This is not BTG’s first initiative in the cryptoactive market.

In the middle of this year, the Bank announced the official launch of the ReitBZ (RBZ), BTG’s first token that was issued at Tezos blockchain.

Although the first ReitBZ issues were made in Ethereum, since last year the Bank had already announced a possible migration to Tezos.

„BTG Pactual is a pioneer in implementing blockchain solutions for tokenization of managed assets,“ said Hubertus Thonhauser, chairman of the Tezos Foundation.

The move from Ethereum to Tezos would have begun in June of last year when BTG Pactual announced a partnership with Tezos and Dalma Capital.

The partnership aimed precisely at the development of the ReitBZ, which at the time estimated to be tied to about US$ 1 billion in real estate.
It made a profit

According to an announcement made at the time, besides real estate, the proposal also included tokenizing, with Tezos, assets in various sectors, including assets, loans and global sports clubs.

Token holders have already received their first income from the Bank’s activities.

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Thus, second, the bank paid via smartcontract, using blockchain technology, in an unprecedented event in the global financial market.

The smartcontracts had a security audit made by Chain Security (for the Ethereum blockchain) and Least Authority (for the Tezos blockchain).

„We make constant investments in innovation and state-of-the-art technology and the ReitBZ is proof that our efforts in this direction have been generating good returns for clients,“ says Roberto Sallouti, CEO of BTG Pactual.

Thus, according to BTG, the amount of dividends paid will be US$ 87,569.20, and this first investment cycle generated US$ 220,288.12 of revenue.